Our Beers

To date, we’ve released five beers, four of them as year-round offerings. Our twin flagships were launched in September of 2010 and are Invocation, a Belgian-style Golden Ale and Ode to Mercy, an Imperial Brown Ale. In late 2011 we added Eschaton, a Belgian-style Quadrupel Ale. In February of 2012, we added Let There Be Light. A fifth beer is known as Ode To Mercy Special Winter Ale and has been released each winter for a short period of time – it’s a version of our regular Ode To Mercy aged on bourbon.


Belgian-style Golden Ale – 8.5% ABV, 48 IBU, 8 SRM

We brew our Strong Golden Ale all-grain, giving it a deep and complex taste.

Belgian aromatic malts add hints of dried fruit, while generous Noble and West Coast hops deliver an earthy spiciness. It finishes semi-dry with lingering tropical fruits and spicy notes from Belgian yeast.

Suggested food pairings: Roasted chicken, grilled pork chops, salmon, Portobello mushrooms, Gouda or Gruyere cheese.

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Ode To Mercy

Imperial Brown Ale – 8.2% ABV, 40 IBU, 20 SRM

What could possibly be better than the combination of deep roasted malts, coffee, oak, and a smooth, creamy finish?

Ode To Mercy overflows with bold flavors woven into a very balanced and approachable beer that finishes with creamy lingering hints of oak, coffee (specially blended by Athens, GA’s 1000 Faces), and roasted goodness. Bright citrus hops  peek through from time to time, adding additional layers of complexity.

Suggested food pairings: Barbecued chicken, Kielbasa, prime rib, cheesecake, English Cheddar Cheese, pate, and Munster cheese.

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Belgian-style Quadrupel Ale Aged on Pinot Noir Oak Chips – 10.5% ABV, 20 IBU, 22 SRM
How about a big, malty beer that evokes a good red wine and with a drier finish than you’d expect at 10.5% ABV?

Eschaton is a one-of-a-kind oaked all-malt Quadrupel (or “Belgian Strong Dark” if you prefer) that abounds with dark fruit and pit fruit flavors as well as earthy spiciness. Vanilla oak and warm viniferous notes assert themselves as the beer warms to reveal additional layers of delicious complexity.

Suggested food pairings:  Lamb, rabbit, duck, Stilton cheese, Belgian chocolate, tart fruit desserts.

Let There Be Light

American Ale – 4.7% ABV, 30 IBU, 7.3 SRM

Who says lighter beers have to be boring? Let There Be Light is Wild Heaven’s first “sessionable” beer, coming in at only 4.7%, yet FULL of flavor. Starting with both barley and wheat, we added two rare hops—Nelson Sauvin and Sorachi Ace—along with a bit of orange peel, to create a complex beer with a citrus note that will change the way you think about “light” beer.

Suggested food pairings:  Wings, fish & chips, Tomme-style cheese, brunch (the citrus picks up nicely), burgers.